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The RC is a heavy duty cast valve specifically designed for an irrigation environment where the air valve may be exposed to a variety of elemental conditions.
The RC is a Cast ductile Iron valve that is fully epoxy coated. Available as a DN25 Single acting small orifice air valve, or a DN50 Double Acting Air Valve. The small compact robust valve is ideal for simpler applications where basic air release and vacuum breaking requirements are required.

The basis of the Vent-O-Mat design is in the understanding of the physical laws that govern air valve and pipeline operation. Reaction to pipeline dynamics is therefore instantaneous and protection provided is relevant to the pipeline’s needs.

Effective Air Release

The RC design ensures effective de-aeration of pipelines the DN25 offers pressurized air release under pipeline operating conditions. The DN50 is an effective Double acting Air valve discharging air under filling and Pressurized conditions.

Vacuum Breaking

The DN50 RC offers full port vacuum breaking under draining or scouring conditions.