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Vom Introduces the RBXc Range of cast Ductile iron valves rated to 25 Bar for potable water applications. Vent-O-Mat Australia is establishe


Third-party tests conducted at the University of Michigan have proved that the Vent‑O‑Mat air release valve, a South African product, is indisputably the most effective of any kind available anywhere in the world today for the protection of pipelines against damage caused by vacuum. The tests were commissioned by Aveng Manufacturing DFC, the Benoni-based developers...
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Cad Outline Drawings

Vent-O-Mat Autocad outline drawings are available for download on the website. A full range of RBX and RGX range of drawings to scale are available for download from the site and on the latest Vent-O-mat CD Version 7. These drawings can be adapted and dropped into existing pipeline layouts with no need to modify or...
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Anti-Shock, Anti-Surge Valves

Pipeline operation is characterised by three frequently occurring and potentially damaging internal conditions: shock due to the velocity and mass of the flow medium, surge due to column separation and re-joining, and vacuum created by pipeline draining or breakage.Even at normal filling rates, a fast approaching flow medium can generate a transient pressure rise (shock)...
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Beginning June 1, 2010 Vent-O-Mat will now be sold and marketed through RF Technologies Inc. in the USA. Dynamic Fluid Control (Pty) Ltd, (DFC) the manufacturer of Vent-O-Mat® has acquired RF Technologies, Inc.(RF), located in Columbia, Maryland. RF Technologies, Inc. (with a subsidiary in Finland, RF Tek) is a manufacturing company for high performance pinch...
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Vent-O-Mat valves on historical wooden pipeline

Vent-O-Mat Air Valves Used to Protect Historic Woodstave Pipeline in Tasmania Pictured below is a section of the historic Lake Margaret timber pipeline that has been recently rebuilt utilising the superior technology provided by Ventomat Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves with Integral Surge-Alleviation Mechanism. The Old Pipeline: In 1911 the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway...
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AIR VALVE MANUFACTURER BEATS THE WORLD A South African valve manufacturer has emerged as the only company worldwide capable of developing an air release valve under tight time constraints to solve a pipeline problem specific to the United Arab Emirates. While several manufacturers had designs theoretically capable of meeting the specifications, only Dynamic Fluid Control...
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