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LevelDex Float Control Valves

LevelDex Level Control valves have been a staple in the water industry for the last  30 years. The valve offers several advantages over traditional Level control solutions

LevelDex the ultimate solution in level control

The LevelDex valve offers all the features of a high tech control valve  in a simple to apply Level control valve.

Offering a higher dynamic working  pressure valves then most traditional  Level control and Hydraulic control valves which will only handle a 3 to 1 turn down without cavitating. The LevelDex Valve can do a a 5- 1 turndown without fear of cavitation.

The Leveldex offers the following features:

Pilot control system unaffected by  Surface Turbulance
Engineered Flow Path Prevents Cavitation
Smooth Closing dampens Surges
The dead band  opening and  closing  cycle of the pilot  allows that  the  valve is either open or closed and does not  modulate  or throttle the  line
The Valve is  of  Lightweight Construction and  easy to handle compared to  similar valves
Remote or Direct acting pilots are available  allowing  ease and  optimisation of installation  to the  end users specifice needs.